Voting. Top Marta startups

    Voting.  Top Marta startups

    March 2009 is striving for its logical conclusion, which means the time has come to decide what has grown up on the field of new startups this month. As I said in the topic dedicated to the best startups in February , you will decide everything in the new ranking. Which of the startups will take first place in March, and which will be outside the top ten.

    You have someone to choose from. Quite interesting projects are fighting for your sympathies. Here you have a platform for conducting holivars, and a service for transferring files without intermediate storage, and a full-fledged online education, and a search engine for torrents, and a reminder of new episodes of your favorite TV shows. Which of them will be the best this month is up to you. As soon as the vote is over, and it happens in a week, I will make a traditional detailed report on the top ten startups with comments from the developers.

    Voting is open from today and will be closed on April 1. You can vote for several startups you like right away. You can decide the fate of new projects by voting for the best startups right now! .

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