Lenovo ThinkStation S20 / D20 - Mac Pro's solid answer

    Perhaps no one expected that at the Game Developers Conference 2009 that began yesterday , Lenovo will present its new product and, contrary to opinions, this will not be another laptop / netbook. The veil of secrecy was dropped from two desktops ThinkStation S20 and D20, focused primarily on 3D-modelers, designers and representatives of other professions, whose work requires confident gigahertz and fast memory.

    Inside this monster are hiding Intel Xeon processors (based on Nehalem, the same 5500 and 3500 series as in the new Mac Pro) and the new NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU or ATI FirePro accelerator, if you do not want to experiment with conceptually fresh hardware. OS of your choice: Windows Vista or RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.2

    In the stores, these beauties will appear in the first quarter of next year (or a little earlier) at a price, hold your breath, $ 1070 and $ 1550, respectively, which is almost half the price of the Mac Pro with comparable performance.

    Specifications of stations under the cut, the text language is English.


    Pictures of the original size for those who have broken eyes:
    www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/ 2009/03 / ww_thinkstation-s20-d20_2.jpg
    www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/ 2009/03 / ww_thinkstation-s20-d20_4.jpg

    via Engadget

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