With each letter on Mail.Ru you can now transfer 20 gigabytes

    Those hours of our lives during which we write emails have become a little easier and more enjoyable. A new attachment loader has appeared on the Mail.Ru mail service. What is good in it? Firstly, up to 20 gigabytes of information can now be attached to each letter - thanks to the integration with file hosting Files@mail.ru .

    Documents up to 30 megabytes will be attached to the message "the old fashioned way", but everything else will be automatically uploaded to Files Mail.Ru (and the corresponding links will appear in the letter). If you wish, you can once and for all order the mailer to upload all files to file hosting - in this case, the "weight" of your letter will be minimal, which, of course, is very convenient.

    And secondly, the new loader allows you to simultaneously attach 20 files to the message at once, and documents can be added / removed from the queue in real time (you do not need to wait for the previous files to load).

    Hope you enjoy!

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