RollerCoaster Tycoon

    Many people know or remember a game like RollerCoaster Tycoon, an economic amusement park simulator. And if anyone does not know this game, then I think the article will be interesting to fans of this genre.
    In this article I will tell the story of this game in screenshots and overviews. The topic is nostalgic.

    RollerCoaster Tycoon

    It all started in March 1999, when MicroProse released the first part.
    In the first part of the game, 21 scenarios are sewn up (5 scenarios are opened immediately).

    The bottom line is quite simple: Build all sorts of rides and shovel money (Euros, dollars, francs or something else - is decided in the options). Then you should bring the park to mind, value and popularity. Stuffed wallets in the pockets of visitors boiling along the paths and looking for something to your taste will help you in this. And you - raise prices for especially popular things, such as the "Russian Gorki" and, as trite as it may seem, toilets ... If they break down, the recently hired mechanic will quickly fix everything (if he gets there quickly) - otherwise why would he get paid? Please note, dissatisfied will lower the rating of your place. True, the security guards will prevent cases of vandalism: they are very grateful to them (read - salary). Someone gluttoned, got drunk and climbed the roller coaster - the stomach can’t stand it, cleaner, wipe it! (and we tick you, and mow the lawn, and clean the trash, but do not water the flower beds, let them dry). The financial side is extremely simple - advertising campaigns and campaigns, the development of new attractions and stalls, renting and buying new land are done “out of the blue” if there is enough money. And a bank loan, if they are not enough.

    Download the first part

    RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

    The second part was released in October 2002 by Infogrames.
    The continuation is distinguished by new attractions, scenarios, locations, and the schedule has not changed much since 99, except that the developers slightly polished the corners. :)

    Those who are not scared away by the graphics go to play the script, and during the game they discover that the gameplay has not changed conceptually! It is exactly the same as in the first part of RCT! We build rides, improve the park, hire staff, develop new carousels / slides, pay a loan and make money. By the way, about making money: all levels in the game are divided into two ways of making money: in some you set prices for tickets directly at attractions, and at other levels you "withdraw" money from visitors only for entrance. In the latter case, all rides people ride for free.

    The scenarios have become a little more diverse: now, in addition to the classic missions a la “collect so many guests in the park by the end of such and such a year” or “raise the cost of your park by so many” new tasks have appeared: to pay back a loan, to achieve the specified profit from all shops or attractions, and, finally, to build the nth number of roller coasters, whose length and “level of fun” should not be lower than the specified numbers.

    Download the second part

    RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

    The sequel to the game was released by Atari in 2004.
    A new engine has a 3D engine. Significantly improved gameplay. More intelligent visitors (pip), an improved mechanism for building slides. By the way, the slides that you built in the first two parts can be imported into the third. The game has 18 scenarios and a sandbox. You can easily make sports predictions and watch their results.

    The main improvement compared to the previous parts is a completely three-dimensional engine, which makes it possible not only to ride the rides on your own, but also just wander around the park as a regular visitor.

    The data and part of the screenshots are taken from Wikipedia .
    Official page (English) of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

    UPD: The topic about OpenTTD inspired the writing of the article .
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