Do not be a sucker. Your Beeline :)

    Still, the TV box is a wonderful thing. No matter how I turn it on, something fun will come out. Perhaps you have already seen a commercial in which Nikolai Fomenko urges the viewer not to dry the waffles and send Beeline several sms in order to win a million.


    Moreover, a million is played every day, and on weekends - two, and the most important prize - 30 million. And the more SMS (cost 41.3 rubles) you send, the type, the more likely you are to win.

    For some reason, I remembered my childhood in the time of the creative 90s, when everyone bought some kind of fizzy drink and looked under the covers in search of a certain figure. And then on the telly they awarded an envelope (a question with what?) To some ordinary housewife.

    Of course, I’m not going to blame Beeline for any fraud, especially since I use his services myself and am very pleased. The question is different: is it worth perceiving this scam as a sign of the onset of a full economic ass (in particular in the field of technology)?

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