BeBook Touch Reader

    There are not so many big names in the e-book market, which is by no means vast and, nevertheless, not crowded. Honestly, only Kindle and Sony Reader are heard. Yes, I know that there are also Chinese readers from Hanlin (they were written about more than once) and a couple of slightly less well-known products. However, the fact remains. Another little-known product is Endless Ideas BeBook reader. I, at least, still have not heard of him. But soon, right after the start of CeBIT, many will hear about the BeBook, or rather about its new incarnation.

    According to information published on the official website, the new BeBook, in addition to the usual functions of an e-book, will be equipped with modules for working in Wi-Fi and 3G networks and a touch screen with a user interface “sharpened” for it. In addition, in addition to the standard formats commonly supported by electronic readers (pdf, mobi, lit, epub, doc, html, txt, etc.), the new BeBook will support the open ePub standard.

    No device photos yet. I personally hope that it will be prettier than its predecessor (and it was his image that I attached to the material).

    All specifications and more detailed information about the new generation BeBook will be announced tomorrow.

    via techdigest

    PS. I’ll clarify again. In the post photo of the old BeBook.

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