What is Co-Working from a Banker!

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    Recently, an increasing number of companies, executives and office employees have come to the conclusion that the standard scheme for renting a working room is ineffective, in which there is a need for constant payment for a full-fledged office. Such inefficiency is especially pronounced in the activities of start-ups and small companies. After all, renting a full-fledged office in Moscow is quite expensive. Headaches add to the cost of a variety of office equipment, and the need for some devices is often far from everyday. And if the company employs “incoming” employees with a free working regime, then it is also necessary to equip a full-fledged workplace for them, but it is extremely impractical. How to fix this situation?

    It is well known that demand creates supply. Such a proposal is the recently gaining popularity service called co-working (literally, “working together”). Co-working as a phenomenon appeared in 2005 and over three years has spread widely throughout the world. The basis of such a service is business centers or offices in which everything is initially prepared for the work of firms, companies, freelancers and individual office employees. When concluding an agreement with such a business center, it is always possible to choose the most convenient and suitable option for the operating mode and working environment.

    The Banker company, following the policy of providing the most relevant services to its customers, also opened its co-working center in Moscow in November 2008.

    We invite everyone who wants to minimize their office expenses and at the same time get a work environment thought out to the smallest detail for joint cooperation.

    All details here: We invite you to cooperation

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