Why Microsoft is afraid of “karmic koala”

    As you know, on Friday, Mark Shuttleworth announced a new distribution of Ubuntu 9.10, which will be released in October 2009 and will be supported until April 2011. The release is codenamed “Karmic Koala”. A unique feature of the "karmic teddy bear" will be the built-in engine of "cloud computing" (cloud computing). The distribution system will integrate the Eucalyptus system, which will allow you to create a cloud infrastructure based on your own cluster, and there will also be support for standard Amazon APIs programming interfaces for connecting to the Amazon EC2 "cloud".

    Cloud computing is now one of the most fashionable technologies, and many companies have already announced developments in this direction, including Microsoft with its Azure. Previously, the Redmond giant managed to appear later and grab the largest piece of the pie, but now this number may not work. The problem here is that Ubuntu has a large army of developers and 10 million users. Development in this area may not go in the direction Microsoft would like.

    Mark Shuttleworth saidthat they don’t want to bind the user to a specific “cloud computing” service, and everyone should be able to easily connect to any of the existing such services. Just as Amazon has become the de facto standard in cloud computing today, the Ubuntu approach to freely choosing a cloud computing provider can easily become a recognized standard. And this is no longer beneficial to Microsoft.

    via Negative Approach

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