10 online stores with the highest conversion

    Online Store Conversion Growth

    Recently, research company Nielsen Online published data on the level of conversion in US online stores for December 2008. I think, enterprising habrovchane will be interested in this information, for this I publish it here.

    Assessment Methodology
    The study involved online stores with at least 500,000 unique visitors per month. Data for calculations were obtained using the Nielsen panel and toolbars installed in users' browsers. The conversion rate was calculated as the ratio of the number of unique customers to the number of unique visitors.

    No.WebsiteConversion rate
    2.LL Bean25.70%
    5.Coldwater creek22.40%
    8.Office depot20.20%
    10.Victoria's Secret19.20%

    Honestly, I was surprised by such high results. Especially when you consider that the calculation was not for a specific landing page, but for the site in general.

    Of course, the conversion level of these companies depends not only on the quality of the site itself, here the reputation of the company and the level of trust in the brand play an important role (the same Amazon.com). But, despite this, it will be useful to pay attention to the sites presented and learn from them. Especially if you are the owner of your online store. See how sites from the Top 10 are fundamentally different from yours. Here is a short list of points worth paying attention to and compare with the leaders from the Top 10.

    Unfortunately, I did not find such studies for Russian online stores. It would be interesting to compare the results. If anyone has this information, welcome to comment.

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