Access to (and not only) on non-standard ports

    About Jabber / XMPP ports and proxies

    It is well known that the main ports of the Jabber protocol are 5222 and 5223, which are very rarely found in the list of ports that are opened "out" on corporate proxies.
    There are probably a lot of people who tried to switch to Jabber, but could not connect to the server, precisely because the proxy server could not / did not want to connect to one of these ports, while “ICQ worked like a clock ! ”(Transparent proxying made itself felt).
    Among these people was me (with the only difference being that I registered a route and set up a proxy opportunity). But this opportunity did not appear immediately, but I wanted to use such a wonderful protocol as XMPP.
    However, a solution, as one would expect, was found.


    We look in our client for a parameter like “Specify the host to connect to” and specify the following settings (optional):
    •, port 443 (SSL must be enabled)
    •, any port, but 443 or 80 is recommended (SSL should be turned off)

    Important Notice

    Despite the apparent obviousness of the settings, I regularly come across the fact that people confuse the server and the address for connecting to it.


    We have a mailing address Here: foo is the username, is the mail domain, and and are the addresses and ports of the servers with which the mail client will work. In XMPP, everything is the same, only the server address is one. Therefore, I repeat again:


    Addresses and passwords are entered not in the server field (it remains, but in the Host / Server IP / Manually specify connection host field / Specify the host to connect manually (depends on the client).


    Briefly about ports and encryption

    • SSL is a traditional way of encryption. With SSL enabled, encryption starts from the very beginning of data transfer. SSL usually uses dedicated port 5223
    • TLS is a newer encryption method based on SSL. A session starts without encryption and is enabled only if it is possible. Works on the same port as Jabber without encryption, usually 5222.

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