Avatars and photos, comment style

    Avatars and photos

    • It seems that the Habra is reducing the photo so that they fit into a 300x300 square, I suggest reducing it by a square of 450x300
    • I propose to slightly increase the quality of jpeg when repacking. If the original photo already fits into a 450x300 square - do not repack (the original quality remains, if the size is smaller, for example, 100kb)
    • For avatars - slightly increase the quality, do not repack if the size is 48x48, I propose to make the avatar in the comments also 48x48 (as the avatar of the logged-in user in the top right corner) so that it is to the left of the entire comment, and not just the title. It turns out very finely.

    Comment Style

    It would be nice to be able to switch to a linear style of comments. When the topic has 300 comments, it’s inconvenient to go back and forth (even with the mega-convenient “thing on the right”)

    Automatically show what we comment on as
    . Those. the same tree is displayed linearly, by date, the parent is shown in the block

    A person, as in tree mode, clicks to answer under any comment, but the text itself is not quoted (since it is inserted automatically when displayed). It turned out to be confusing, ask, if it is not clear, I can make a prototype :-)

    In linear mode, even pagination can be finally added :-)

    PS. I do not know whether it is necessary to divide into two topics, or one heap. If necessary, I will share it.

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