The Chinese government will force all MMORPG players to register

    imageFrom now on, any Chinese in order to continue to spend 72 hours in the MMORPG without sleep, bath and food for a couple or two thousand of gold coins will have to seriously think about ensuring their own anonymity.

    Mandatory registration of all players in MMORPG and other online games will begin this year - for this, anyone will have to draw up a special form, indicating their own real name and ID number. This is done in order to at least somehow reduce the addictive effect of online games (there are cases when the "Chinese farmers" forgot their own names during the pumping of numerous virtual incarnations) and to control the time spent in the game. And it’s possible because the Chinese government is not satisfied with the situation with the development of characters leveling in numerous games and selling of virtual currency, which is almost developed to the level of the industry, which no one pays taxes of course.

    Gizmodo via ArsTechnica

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