Apple paves the way for browsers in the Apple Store

    Over the past 24 hours, Apple has begun to allow mobile browsers on the Apple iPhone Store. Unexpectedly for everyone, several browsers appeared in the virtual store, and, interestingly, the submission of some of them dates back to October.

    At the moment, Apple has not commented on its actions, most likely the browsers just stood in a special queue and waited for their update. We already saw similar delays in other categories of the virtual store (recall Pull My Finger and iFart Mobile).

    Until today, Apple motivated their veto on browsers with “functionality that repeats the original Safari,” I recall that for this reason Opera did not ( and will not ) get to the Apple Store.

    So what do we have at the moment? Several browsers and their distinguishing features:

    - Edge Browser (Free) - Due to the lack of panels, 100% of the phone screen is used during surfing.
    - Incognito ($ 1.99) - "Stealth" browser - does not record history.
    - WebMate: Tabbed Browser ($ 0.99) - In this browser, we first click on the links we want to see, and only then, when we are mentally ready for this (for example, after reading the article), we look through them.

    I really hope that such actions by Apple will open the door to quality browsers, and we will see mobile versions of Opera and Firefox, despite the fact that there are a lot of restrictions in the iPhone SDK.

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