Robot Strenco ST-2 - a real steampunk


    The German robot Strenco ST-2 is not very similar to the representative of the steampunk direction. Neither brilliant brass details to you, nor a dozen dials ... Nevertheless - this is a real steampunk. The toy was invented by the Germans, and released in the amount of only 300 pieces. Inside the robot is a miniature steam engine. The scheme of work is simple: we push the pallet out of the left side, put a tablet of dry fuel in it, set it on fire and send it to the furnace, while flame can be seen through the holes in the chest. The fire warms the boiler, steam flows through the pipe into the chassis and, voila - the robot goes. The height of the android is 35 cm, width 20, weight 1 kg. The toy is sold here for 399 euros.


    PS Here here you can see a couple of demo videos


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