first impression of Bitrix

    For a month now, I’m not very active, but I’m doing a website on Bitrix ... before that I was not familiar with him, I heard mostly negative reviews about him. here is "lucky" and I have to work on it.
    He believed that Bitrix is ​​a high-end system, this is not some kind of Jumla or Drupal, like "everything for people." in the videos of the trainers they constantly say that even a "non-technical specialist" can manage the site, and even do some things like post a "Question to manager" form.
    In fact, it turned out that all this is nonsense. Nonsense!
    For the first week of study, I realized how to make three different independent menus, organize news sections. It turned out that it was impossible to get news on some condition without distortions with sorts. And how do you like “displaying news of a certain category (section)”? for this I must know the category id!
    Today, it killed me that I can’t create my own types of info blocks, with my own set of fields. Each info block has fields “name”, “announcement”, “full description”, pictures and 4 more fields.
    Task: to make the section "Question and Answer", and the question and answer are asked by the admin. I drew attention to the standard component “FAQ”, but it requires an info block with questions and answers to be displayed. But I can’t create specials. info block, use what is. But why do I need to have a “name”, “announcement” field in the record and so on ?! I need only 2 fields “question” and “answer”!

    Yes, he has a good visual editor through which you can arrange components on the page with the mouse.

    I have a feeling that they took my set of tools, screwdrivers, tweezers (my native framework) and put in an ax and a sledgehammer (Bitrix), and type “make a site”.

    Perhaps I will find ways to get around all these points, in extreme cases I’ll study Bitrix api and rewrite my modules for it. This limitation kills me ... maybe because I'm a “technical specialist” and I know about how it should be? ..

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