- on the eve of the New Year

    At the very end of 2008, the team of the first Russian-speaking social aggregator launched an updated version. It may have taken a long time, but our guys managed to bring a lot of useful and convenient innovations.

    This year for the service was very busy. There were ups and downs. And where without them? :) Finally, we and our friends from Kakadu Collaps ( ) prepared a video about testing the updated BestPersons. Thanks to them and the guys who participated in the filming!

    We have developed the site design and its functional component.
    The unique function of the site - cross-sharing - has become more convenient. Now you can write to several blogs at once. And for some services, and in the community.
    We paid special attention to the message line of friends. Now identical messages on different blog services are glued into one. Those who have encountered three to five cross posts in a row in their feed have already appreciated this innovation.
    And yet, we have prepared something new: the Interests section, which saves you time by allowing you to view all messages in the BestPersons database containing references to keywords that are of interest to you in a single feed.

    Also, significantly expanded the ability to filter the tape itself. Now friends can be united in convenient groups - this allows you to read exactly what is interesting to you at the moment, cutting off the excess. Of course, you can also hide in your feed any post, blog or the entire author.

    Find friends has become much easier, you can search by nickname on any service, e-mail, icq, website address and other parameters. You can simply import your friends from Livejournal and the Google Social Graph. Or even simpler: search for friends in the address book of your mailboxes.

    These are far from all the innovations, but their complete listing is beyond the scope of this short note. Come to us and you will see everything with your own eyes.
    More information about updates in the site news .

    Good luck in the New Year!

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