We combine posting with search in the forum


    Forums often ask questions without looking for a pre-existing answer. As a result, the forum is cluttered with similar branches, it becomes more difficult to search in them, the administrator and users swear with each one, and work on gluing is added.

    So, we have a visitor, for one reason or another, not following the hard path proposed by the administration.

    On the other hand, the forum provides:
    - a text field for a search query
    - and a large text field for a new branch.

    And, at times, their contents are very similar ...


    Posting as search

    Why not combine the two into one?

    For example:
    - the visitor starts asking the question as usual,
    - without adding an entry to the database, the system searches for similar branches and, if it finds it, urges you to familiarize yourself with them,
    - in case of mutual agreement, the Earth will cool down a couple of moments later.

    If the operation takes too long for one HTTP request, you can send an automatic "response" to the author's email; posting itself can be put off.


    What already exists?

    I have not met yet (and I want to be the first). Send links if the hand does not flinch :-)

    On Habré there is a similar functionality, “Similar publications” (in wordpress blogs too something similar came across), though the goal is achieved somewhat different, and Habr is not a forum. But it works pretty well! So technology will be required, a fact, but I don’t think that it should be something extraordinary.

    Also popular now: