Try to evaluate the monetary capacity of the regional web development market?

    The idea of ​​estimating the price volume of the website development market came to me in the process of working on the material “ Promotion on the Internet will reduce advertising costs ”, which we published in one local magazine. I think that in the same way it will be possible to calculate the approximate monetary capacity for any of the regions of Russia. This may be interesting, first of all, to regional companies that are developing websites and want to conduct an assessment of their market. Believe me, the data will surprise you with surprise.
    All the following analytics apply to Chelyabinsk and

    My colleagues, when they studied the results of the annual analysis of the number of domains in Chelyabinsk for 2008, added very interesting criteria by which they made a selection. This is the binding of the domain to the region according to the region number (we have the number “74”) and transliteration of the name of the city of Chelyabinsk (looks like “chel”). Seeing these figures, I immediately realized that before my eyes was nothing more than approximate information on the capacity, in money terms, of the web development market of Chelyabinsk.

    Look what we get: over the past 2008 (without December), 15101 domains were registered in the share of Chelyabinsk and the region. This total mass contains domains that were not registered in order to make Chelyabinsk sites on them (domains). Of these, general or industry-specific websites were made, that is, it was not necessary that it was a Chelyabinsk office that made a website for itself (just a company website). But the selection of the region and transliteration of the name of the city is the most likely case of a customer order (company website). According to our data, 2877 domains out of 15101 have the prefix “74” in the name and 1539 domains have the prefix “chel”. Total of such 4416 domains.

    Let's now determine the price of developing a site. This price has a wide variation. From 5000 rubles to infinity, in fact. They told me that we have students in Chelyabinsk and do sites for 1000 rubles, I did not take this into account, because those who understand what site development is do also understand the order of work and their cost.
    I have data from a small marketing “pre-crisis” study. According to this study, the average Chelyabinsk company is ready to spend on the development of a site for its company no more than 20,000-30000 rubles. In the understanding of the average Chelyabinsk client, this is the most normal amount for the implementation of their site. There are, of course, those companies that understand what they want; they understand the price level for their whims, so they go to professional developers (they don’t start with students) and that price range is already an order of magnitude higher. But there are few such companies, and for an insignificantly small number of such, these data can be neglected.
    So, we believe that the bulk is ready to pay an average of 25,000 rubles for the development of the site.
    IWe consider "forehead": by a simple product 4416 * 25000 = 110.400.000 rubles. It turned out a little more than a hundred million rubles. But it should be understood that out of the 4416 people who registered the domains, not all are representatives of the very layer that I wrote about above.
    II Now recall the course of higher mathematics of the university, namely: normal distribution . The number of 4416 people who are willing to pay 20,000-3,000 rubles for their site fits the definition of a quantity that obeys a normal distribution (a quantity obeys a normal distribution when it is affected by a huge number of random interference- just our case). I normalized these numbers for a long time, drew graphics, recounted. I won’t post all the material from MathCad here, I’ll just say that I’ve got the figure ~ 2000. That is, these are really the very people who are ready, on average, to give 25,000 rubles for the development of the site. We recalculate 2000 * 25000 = 50,000,000 rubles. Approximately such a figure from Chelyabinsk and the region for a year settles in the pockets of students, freelancers, small teams of developers, ordinary web developers.

    Moreover, note that this is the minimum figure calculated, because when calculating the minimum possible cost of 25,000 rubles was taken.

    And we have enough miracle developers in our city, believe me. Recall the registration schedule:
    The trend of Chelyabinsk domain registrations
    You see the surge in registrations in August 2008, this is one Chelyabinsk officedecided to earn extra money on cybersquatting . Do not need a domain for rent? :)
    And here they also offer you to buy in the “online store” already “ready-made”, “untwisted” sites . Prices from 80,000 to 1,000,000 rubles. I still do not take their prices seriously. A kind of bad joke. And this joke, by the way, is almost a year old!

    The web market of Chelyabinsk is very severe , in every sense of the word (both comical and material). And this is not an allegation, but a conclusion from all of the above.
    The last few paragraphs are the lyrics from my blog post . Evaluate the approach to counting . Maybe someone will count their region on a similar principle? It would be interesting to know how colleagues are doing in the country.

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