Medvedev canceled the censorship of Runet

    At the request of the government, United Russia deputies withdrew amendments amending Internet service providers to block “extremist” Internet sites in Russia, Vedomosti reported .

    The bill was introduced a week ago. Five United Russia suggested changing article 13 of the law on extremist activity. According to their proposal, after the secondary appearance of “extremist” materials on the site, the court could decide to terminate access to the site in Russia, and providers were required to “take measures” to block the site.

    The expert who participated in the development of the bill believes that the reason for the recall was the contradiction of this initiative with the statements made by President Dmitry Medvedev in his message to the Federal Assembly. The president promised to ensure freedom of speech with technological innovations: “No official can prevent discussions on the Internet,” he said.

    In addition, several major Internet providers have already complained to Medvedev about the initiative of the deputies. A source of Vedomosti believes that the president also has some informal contacts with Internet users.

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