Add to cart. Add to cart? Add to cart!

    No one thought about how contradictory this, familiar to all, element of the "Basket" is?

    Especially if it occurs in the text, or is discussed in conversation. After all, only by context can it be understood what is happening with the item being added to the basket. But what if a user has two Recycle Bins in one interface? One to buy, and the second to delete?

    We can’t change the metaphor in the OS, but when developing stores, we can come up with and introduce a new metaphor, which causes less confusion, due to the fact that it does not overlap with others.

    Those. a not-so-pleasant pattern in the name of the metaphors has developed.
    And I’m interested in, did anyone try to break this template or not?

    For example, to name the section “Place an order” or “Shopping list” on the site, instead of “Add to cart”?
    Interestingly, someone has already done a similar experiment?

    Or does everyone follow someone’s chosen pattern?

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