Air body made of carbon fiber

    Many Apple enthusiasts, who gladly bought the world's thinnest Macbook Air laptop, were pleased with its small size, but were surprised to find that it is heavier than you might expect for such an ultra-thin device. It is said that reducing the weight of the Macbook Air is the main challenge facing Apple engineers right now.

    Perhaps in the next version, the laptop will become 100 g lighter. According to rumors , Apple is looking for the opportunity to make the lower part of the body of carbon fiber (HC). This is an extremely lightweight, durable and heat-resistant material that is better than aluminum in many ways. Recently, computer vendors, for example, Sony and HP (in the Voodoo model), have also begun to use HC.

    At the moment, the distribution of weight for accessories on the Macbook Air looks like this.

    They say that for the start, only the lower part of the case, which is now made of aluminum and weighs 152, will be made of HC. If you make this simple part from a HC, then the laptop will immediately feel better from 1363 to 1263

    via Apple Insider

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