Supermarket Interface or Trolley 2.0

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Supermarket Interface or Trolley 2.0When I go to the supermarket, among the endless shelves of groceries, I like to do something not quite decent. I love to peek in baskets. I look - who buys what. But I'm not just looking. It happens that for some reason I like some customers and then I buy the same thing as they do. Thus, I discovered a lot of delicious products and a lot of unusual, but useful things.

But what if you add a little two-zero to the usual supermarket? Make a trip to the supermarket a high-tech activity. Of course, one of the main attributes of the store is a trolley. We will change it.

Trolley 2.0

The trolley consists of a handle, a basket and wheels - we will leave all this, but something needs to be added to make it modern and even more useful:

  • Add a screen with the ability to click on it. In the future, all things will be with screens;
  • We install a wi-fi adapter or analog in the trolley so that all the trolleys are on the local network;
  • We stick stickers on all products that can be read in a non-contact way. We integrate a scanner inside the cart, which determines whether the product is in the cart.

Trolley 2.0

What can we get from all this?

  • The cart itself considers the purchase amount and displays it in real time;
  • You can find out details about each product: composition, calorie content, etc. No need to read the small text on the package;
  • Feedback. You can rate each product and see how others rated it. You can write short reviews;
  • From the previous paragraph we get ratings and the trolley itself can “advise” some purchases;
  • No need to wait at the checkout while the cashier "scans" the purchase. You just need to pay at the checkout with a card or in cash the amount indicated on the cart screen;
  • On the screen of the cart you can show ads, moreover, you can take into account the contents and make targeted advertising;
  • If the supermarket is large and confusing, then you can make it so that the trolley can determine its position inside the supermarket (for example, by the location of the wi-fi routers). Then we will need to choose a department, for example, “meat”, and the navigator in the cart will show the way.

The future is wonderful!

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