British cigarettes will become twins

    in England a ban will be imposed on any decals on a cigarette pack. According to the Guardian , the UK Department of Health decided to take such unprecedented measures in the field of tobacco control. Outlawed will be color, graphics, company spelling of the name and logo.

    Since the decision came into force, absolutely all cigarette packs in the country should look the same - simple cardboard packaging and a single black font, information on the composition of the product and a standard warning about the harmful effects of tobacco on the health of citizens.

    This is how tobacco departments in British supermarkets will now look:


    The proposal caused a flurry of responses and excited British society more than a total ban on smoking in public places. Representatives of tobacco companies are already forecasting a sharp decline in sales and are beginning to calculate future losses.

    According to analysts, the consequences of rebranding are more likely to affect premium brands such as Marlboro, Silk Cut, Benson and Hedges. The average cost of cigarettes in this segment is 6 £. The disappearance of the distinctive features of brands can cause a re-segmentation of the tobacco market and make people pay attention to cheaper cigarettes, costing £ 3.50 to £ 4. If there is no difference - why pay more?

    Officials, in turn, rely on the fact that bringing cigarette packs to a single model will seriously affect the image of brands and as a result will reduce the number of young people who succumb to the charm of an advertising legend.


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