Death Banner Advertising

    In my opinion, the banner type of advertising has outlived itself. Yes, there are interesting solutions in this direction, but as a class it is yesterday. Banners can occupy their small niche, but the market and the consumer are waiting for a new advertising format to appear, devoid of the disadvantages of banner technology, such as annoying animation, annoying location near foci of activity on the site, ambiguous reaction to mouse actions, etc. Let me formulate the main “parameters” of the new format.

    Advertising in a new format should be unobtrusive: not violating the overall design of the pages, easily collapse and expand at the request of the user (and not the advertiser), be accessible from different devices (and therefore optimized for viewing on these devices). Advertising should be more informative: in addition to the link to the site, it must necessarily contain the name of the company / brand, contact numbers, email addresses, etc. An advertising module should be presented in several versions at once (video, text, static graphics) and the user should have tools to change the type and location of advertising modules on the site. The user should have the right to refuse to view advertising on the site in return for receiving advertising messages by mail. This list goes on and on.

    Does Yandex.Direct or Google.Adwords fit into these definitions? In part. Obviously, they are moving in the right direction, but they lack only the interactivity of user interaction. The advertising consumer has the right to choose which advertising to watch and how to contact the advertiser.

    One can only guess when such an advertising format will appear, but I am sure that the market will benefit from this.

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