How I bought hp 2133


    So now is the time to buy a laptop. But which one to choose? I was already with a big 15 'weighing 2.3 kilos, of course my eyes were on netbooks. No sooner said than done. The other day I went to the so-called "Little pink", where I played with all the possible models of these wonderful cars.

    In fact, they are all the same, the only difference is in the quality of the assembly and the arrangement of the keys. I focused on the msi wind u90 - 1.6 Ghz Atom, 512 Ram, 64 Vram Gma, a three-cell battery for 2.30 hours. This is a standard netbook configuration. Unfortunately, it was not in the MSI company store, and instead of u90 was u100 at a price of 16900, which was not in my plans.

    He began to look towards the Acer aspire one. The design seems to be nothing, but the keyboard is terrible - the keys are too small (by the way, as on asuses). The same can be said about the touchpad - the buttons are pressed hard and with a characteristic click.

    There are still a few netbooks left - Lenovo s10 and hp 2133.
    Lenovo s10 is certainly a good laptop, but it came with windows, I didn’t really want to overpay the extra money because I would have installed Linux anyway. As a result, he stopped at 2133, which he did not want to buy because of the high price of 16,500 (on the budget there was a maximum of 14,000). But compared to other laptops in design, he has no equal. Of course my personal opinion)


    Display 8.9 "
    Processor 1.2Ghz Via C7
    RAM 512Mb
    Video 64Mb Via Chrome9 IGP
    Hard drive 120Gb
    Three-cell battery for 2 hours (not enough, I will purchase a six-cell)
    Suse 10 Enterprise
    Wifi operating system and gigabit ethernet

    Already home

    The computer became personal again.

    There was such a modest kit in the box - charging, battery and laptop itself (+ operation papers and disks) The

    keyboard has a very soft stroke, like the buttons near the touchpad - it’s very convenient to press.

    I would like to especially note the keyboard - this was a decisive factor when buying, even on an old laptop it was not too convenient. By the way, hp is going to make an even more budgetary model, but with a black rather than an aluminum case.

    PS Special thanks to Ganz for support)


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