Simple disregard

    There is already a habrant , which displays the topics of only those blogs that are subscribed to by the user. Registration required.

    I propose to make a tiny change to the layout of the site in order to implement a tape that displays topics except for ignored ones. Changes will not require additional server computing and the creation of separate rss streams.

    The goal is the ability to create personalized “everything except” tapes and configure them. Even without registration. With compatibility with habrolent. Perhaps without rss, or maybe with it !?

    Server side

    Add the author’s label, understandable to the computer, to the topic:
    Attach another class corresponding to the author’s name to divs with the “hentry” class (and to “live” dl)

    Client part

    Create a CSS file in which to register who should be ignored:
    .author1, .author1, .author1, .autor1 {display: none}
    (autotypograph places unnecessary spaces between dots and "authors"

    Using the browser capabilities to attach this UserCSS to the hub.


    Cons: data will still be transmitted, the method requires televisions from the user.
    Pros: implementation requires a minimum amount of time.

    RSS feed

    If rss also presses similar classes in the xml'e, and we will learn how to scramble UserCSS readers, there will be an implementation in RSS


    Author tags can be scribbled for comments.
    You can come up with something simple with negative karma ...

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