Kindle 2?

    According to as yet unverified data, the online store Amazon is preparing to release a second incarnation of its electronic reader Kindle. Insider appeared on The Boy Genius . Snapshots of the device were published there yesterday, which, according to the source, is the new Kindle 2.

    Amazon has made some changes to the design of the reader, and also reworked its filling. So, the slot for SD cards has disappeared from the new Kindle. But the amount of internal memory has increased. From 256 MB to 1.5 GB. The scroll wheel has been replaced by a joystick. The source claims that the reader will be charged via USB.

    But the screen remained the same. 6 inches, monochrome.

    Information, once again, unverified. But, in light of the recent announcement of a new reader from Sony, Amazon really should a little "scratch", and offer users at least a small upgrade of the first, popular Kindle.

    via gizmodo

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