Google in the browser war. Partisanism on Gmail.

    Recently, Gmail in Internet Explorer has been doing very poorly. Firstly, despite the fairly decent speed of the Internet, it began to load significantly longer than before the announcement of chromium. Secondly, persistent security error messages began to appear. As I understand it, some parts of the code are not downloaded via the https protocol. And thirdly, the CPU utilization of a window with open Gmail can be up to 100%. Of course, this cannot but unbalance.

    There are three more or less probable assumptions why this happens:
    1. All developers were thrown to finalize the mail code for chrome, and then for everyone else.
    2. Really forgot to patch something after updating the code.
    3. The team optimizing the code for IE maliciously forgot to delete or added some kind of “parasitic element” to its code.
    The hidden goal of the latter is to force the user to change the browser and feel happy;)

    By the way, it is interesting to hear the opinions of the habra-people on this matter.

    Whatever it was, Google still achieved its goal, at least in my example. Now my personal mail opens in chrome, and working in firefox.

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