Crime prevention system showed accuracy of 80%

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has begun testing a unique AI system that can completely destroy crime as a phenomenon in the future. If the tests are successful, then the criminals will be recognized even before they commit a criminal act - in fact, as soon as an insidious plan ripens in a person’s head. The system works almost as shown in the movie "Minority Report" based on a book by Philip Dick (only now it actually happens).

    Innovative development called Future Attribute Screening Technologies (FAST). It is a set of sensors that remove information about a person remotely: body temperature, pulse and respiration rate, blood pressure. Additional modules analyze facial expressions and take measurements from the eyes with laser radars, which is also used as information in the AI ​​neural network. This system has been tested for a year, before it appeared under the name Project Hostile Intent. According to the developers, during the testing of the system on 140 volunteers, the system showed an accuracy of 78% in determining malicious intentions and 80% as a lie detector. Independent experts only make a helpless gesture and admit that these are incredibly high indicators (the keyword is incredible).

    via New Scientist

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