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    Hi, Geektimes! Do you know a lot of people who can say “last weekend the weather was non-flying, but I still planted my“ birdie ”? In addition to professional pilots, of course. But the opportunity to try yourself at the helm is every geek, and for this you do not need to undergo special training with an instructor. As you probably guessed, today we will talk about toys, and not only about airplanes: about those that delight even adult men. If with the introduction and an intrigue went too far a little, then you are welcome under the cat.

    Since we started with airplanes, we will tell you in more detail (“first of all aircraft” has not been canceled). The wingspan is 580 mm, the brushless motor 1404, the range of control up to 300 meters - all this describes the aircraft XK A600 DHC-2 . In fact, this is an approximate copy of the DHC-2 Beaver, which does not really sit on the water. This is a plane for those who want to take a flight like this and suddenly fly without thinking that a slight increase in wind will break all plans.

    Although it looks simple, in fact, the DHC-2 hides a whole bunch of technologies. First of all, it is a three-axis stabilization and a unique 6G system - it allows the aircraft not to pay attention to small gusts of wind. Four-channel control equipment with a frequency of 2.4 GHz transmits a signal with high accuracy without interference: you can easily go to competitions and not be afraid that someone else's signal will interfere with your flight. Well, a powerful motor not only provides fast acceleration, but also keeps speed well, due to which you can perform various tricks on this plane - from bend and helix to barrel and turn-of-turn.

    The control panel is equipped not only with joysticks, but also with a screen that helps control the condition of the aircraft. To achieve greater controllability, it can be upgraded to a six-channel Futaba T6J Air S-FHSS.

    One charge (from 30 to 60 minutes) is enough for about 10 minutes of flight - more than enough. But the main advantage of this aircraft is the price, which with such a set of possibilities will pleasantly surprise not only an adult geek, but also those who want to make a gift to their child for their birthday.

    You can find entertainment not only in the air. To speed up to 55 km / h through the water will help the radio-controlled boat FeiLun FT011which is not terrible to run even in open water (but still worth doing it with caution). This model with a brushless 5027 1750KV electric motor is equipped with an improved speed regulator 65A and can also move in reverse.

    The 2.4 GHz remote control provides a range of control up to 150 meters, the length of the boat is an impressive 65 centimeters. The case is plastic, but durable, with inserts of water resistant parts. The main thing - if the boat suddenly turns over on a sharp turn, you should not sail by swimming - you can return the boat to its original position using the remote control.

    Enthusiasts managed to test the boat in the field - it looks impressive.

    On a regular battery, the boat will travel 6-8 minutes, but if you increase the standard 2200 mAh to at least 300 mAh (and there is such an opportunity), you can achieve more impressive results. Incidentally, a set of spare screws is immediately put in the kit, if you accidentally encounter a serious obstacle at high speed. Well, as long as the toy will not be used for its intended purpose, it will be able to stand beautifully on a shelf on a special stand.

    The cost of FT011 can not be called high - these boats are under 20 thousand rubles, but here the best value for money. But if you still want something simpler, you can take a smaller boat - it will be inferior in speed, but the range of control will remain unchanged.

    Well, or there is such a completely toy version, but it can dive under the water. Adults will not be able to come off, what can we even talk about children.

    Back in the sky? The last 2-3 years one of the main companion geek became quadrocopter. Someone started professionally engaged in droning races, others adapted new devices for aerial photography, but in most cases quadrocopters buy for entertainment, since simple models cost less than a thousand rubles . The camera on this, of course, can not be fixed, but you can fly enough.

    The golden middle here, perhaps, is the drone WLtoys Q333. Equipped with a camera, it looks spectacular (very much like a DJI Inspire) and is acceptable. The motors are collector, the landing legs have three positions that can be changed from the remote, powered by a proprietary battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh.

    The drone flies smoothly and steadily, you will not do acrobatics on this, it was created for another. A bunch of collector motors, gears and large screws allows the quadcopter to stay in the air for about 10 minutes - 30 seconds before the battery is discharged, it will warn you so that you can land.

    The camera records video at 720p; if you wish, you can, for example, fix a smartphone and display an image on it. In general, Q333 has long been known as one of the best drones worth about $ 100, so this is not just another no-name Chinese quadcopter.

    Air and water are, of course, good, but how are we traveling by land? If cheap and cheerful , then Wltoys A999 is a machine with proportional control. The controlled equipment is 2.4 GHz, the range of the console is about 100 meters, the maximum speed is 25 km / h. It copes well with obstacles due to soft wheels, but for racing and off-road it is better to use a buggy - here and the suspension, and all-wheel drive, and a maximum speed of 50 km / h. The model is waterproof, so you can easily drive through puddles and not be afraid of anything.

    Adult toys are not limited to radio-controlled models, even when it comes to advanced devices. Admit it, did you ever want to build your own solar-powered robot? There is a simple and budget way that will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children 4-6 years old - it will help to understand visually how solar energy works. From one set you can make a robot, helicopter, wind turbine and more. Now also a discount on it .

    And here's another cool thing - you can kill both time and get anti-stress in an interesting way. Made using 3D printing, it easily fits in your pocket, the principle of operation is simple, but you can “stick” for a long time. It works like this:

    Well, this is a real hit of the last few months. Than going through the handle, jerking legs or closing from everyone in the headphones, it is better to use the " magic cube ". There is a whole set of tools for relieving stress - if you are tired of one, you can switch to another, there are a lot of colors. It helps, by the way, if there are no ideas in my head at all, but it’s urgent to invent something. They say that this is how Faraday invented his own law of electromagnetic induction (in fact, no).

    Another original desktop accessory is the magnetic hourglass.. Instead of the usual quartz sand in a glass flask is magnetic chips of large fractions. A large magnet is mounted in the stand, due to which it turns out to be in the bottom of the flask and does it very effectively. The surprise of colleagues is ensured, the more there is a useful component - you can switch your attention to the clock during long-term work at the computer, so that your eyes have a little rest.

    What is this - seemingly an ordinary MiPad from Xiaomi, but in fact a real robot? Yes, we have already seen transformers-cars and motorcycles, but in order for the tablet to “turn” into a robot ... an interesting idea, in just a few minutes the MiPad becomes an original toy. When assembled, it is, of course, different from the original Xiaomi tablet, but it does not do it with a less steep robot. You can buy two and organize real battles! Moreover, now it is a 65% discount .

    If you look in the direction of real robots (yes, with electronics inside and control from a smartphone), here Xiaomi MITU- a win-win. In the "brains" of the robot - a microchip, a gyroscope, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors, a battery. You can collect anything: from a dinosaur and a robotic mechanism to a car, a spaceship, and everything that imagination will be capable of.

    This is a robot with a capital letter. Programming Xiaomi MITU is carried out using a set of commands on the smartphone, the robot supports the assignment of values ​​to variables, mathematical and logical operations, and so on. It works thanks to the ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller (STM32) with 32-bit infrastructure, has 32 MB of flash memory (by the way, a very good result) and a 1,700 mAh battery that provides up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge. In general, the review of this cool thing was already in the blog Gearbest, so we mention, perhaps, support for Android and iOS - of course, to control the robot using a mobile application. So MITU is cheaper than many analogs, and now it is also selling, so we do not recommend skipping.

    If you look in the direction of simple and intelligent games, here you would like to mention a puzzle , which is based on magnetic balls. Since each ball can be separated from the overall design, you can create the most incredible shapes and organize competitions, for which imagination is enough. And myself, and as a gift - the most it. Here, by the way, is a video of how it all works:

    And, of course, what modern toys can be without virtual reality - SHINECON offers a budget and practical solution in the form of a VR helmet with a remote control. 8-ply lenses, special protection from the impact of the smartphone screen, reliable and convenient design. For your money, this is almost the best offer on the market.

    By the way, we already wrote about the VR-helmet Pimax P1 4K - here's a review if you suddenly missed.

    As you like, but we could not leave this collection without the same classic - toys "Tamagotchi". No matter how old you are, caring for a virtual pet with this device causes the same delight in both adults and children, even if the latter are in full swing in the toys on the tablet.

    No, probably more interesting toys for the geek than the "pumping" of your house. This will help the temperature and humidity sensor from Xiaomi , which works in conjunction with the Multi-functional Gateway . And if you pick up a couple of motion sensors on the windows and doors, this is a beauty in general. How to use all this according to the mind, we have recently told in a blog .

    As you can see, there are things besides love that all ages are also submissive to. Often, a simple at first glance accessory hides a new part of the interior, an assistant in stressful situations at work or just a toy for a weekend pastime, which is not a shame to tell friends and colleagues. After all, they probably have the same.

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