Dropbox client for Linux appeared

    About this remarkable service on Habré several times already wrote .
    Today, I was happy to notice that a topic about the client for Linux appeared on the project forum . Let me remind you that previously there was a client only for Windows and MacOS X.
    Installation does not cause any special difficulties - there are assemblies for Fedor and Ubunt (there is also a repository for it) - for both main architectures, the source code is also available. The only significant limitation at the moment is that only the Nautilus file manager (Gnome environment) is supported, so KDE fans should either wait or write their client - the sources are open.

    Brief installation instructions:

    1. Go to www.getdropbox.com/beta(while at the same time in Linux), download the package for the desired distribution / architecture, or the sources (I will not go into the details of the assembly from the sources)
    2. Install the package - in Ubuntu it is either
    sudo dpkg -i nautilus-dropbox_x.x.x-x_xxxx.deb,
    or if the repository is used,
    sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox
    In Fedor, it’s likely that something like
    sudo rpm -i nautilus-dropbox-x.x.x-x.fc9.xxxx.rpm
    3. Do in the console killall nautilusto restart the file manager. If you use Compiz, better log in (as the developers advise)
    4. After restarting Nautilus or login, a program icon will appear in the notification area, he will download something he needs and then offer to bind himself to the dropbox account - either existing or new (new while only on invites)
    5. After linking to the account, the content on the server and your local folder $ HOME / Dropbox will be synchronized
    6. Enjoy!

    Taking this opportunity, I will distribute invites, they again became 10 pieces.

    UPD : my invites are over, flomop still gives out in the comments.

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