Should I keep the preferences of unregistered users?

    We create a new project of thematic blogs. There was a question of storing the interests and preferences of the user before registering with the system.

    Option 1. User preferences accumulate only after registration. Prior to registration or authorization, the issuance of material is formed without taking into account the interests of the user.

    Option 2. An unauthorized user looks at some topics, looks at articles of interest, at this time a set of preferences is accumulated for his session and, in accordance with them, an issue is generated. As soon as the user is registered, this set of preferences is finally attached to it. Or, if he passes authorization, in a certain case (personal computer), preferences are summed up with those already existing in his profile.

    The second option seems very interesting, but at the same time, relatively inconvenient in terms of implementation. I would like to hear your opinion.

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