MDC: beta release of the new multi-protocol messenger

    Today I will talk about MDC - a new project of NetStream . MDC is a multi-protocol messaging client with support for the Windows, Linux, MacOS X and ICQ, Mail.Agent, Jabber, AOL protocols (we will gradually expand the list of protocols).

    The first launch begins with the creation of a personal profile, where the program will place all the basic settings and message history.

    After authorization, the contact list window familiar to you opens. You can change your status by clicking on the colored vertical bar. Here you can change your nickname, which will later be displayed in the message box.
    Also, in the upper part of the contact list window, we highlighted the 3 most popular options: search and add a contact, display contacts by groups / without groups and display offline statuses:

    Overview of MDC Benefits

    • Storage of correspondence history on the server . No need to think about where you were: at home, at work or with friends, you can always find the information you need, having access to the Internet. I would like to immediately note that this "feature" can always be turned off in the program settings.
    • Portability . Today, MDC beta is available only for Microsoft Windows (2000 / XP / Vista, 32-bit). In the coming weeks we will release a version for Linux (32/64) and Mac OS X (Intel). In a month and a half there will be access to the web version of MDC (lite-client version).
    • Support for major messaging protocols . Now MDC supports such protocols as ICQ, AOL, Mail.Agent, Jabber (plus Gtalk and I.Online). In the near future, the beta version of MDC will be released with support for the MSN protocol. Of course, with each new release, we will try to add the protocols most requested by users.
    • Contact merging (metacontacts) . This is another useful feature that allows you to combine the contacts of the same person from different messaging systems, which allows you to at least not think about which protocol your interlocutor uses.

    • Auto update . MDC allows you to automatically update the program. You do not have to download and install the client every time to take advantage of new features, improvements and fixes of MDC. And in the event of a change in a protocol, you simply will not notice it.

    Other MDC features

    • the ability to save settings on the server;
    • the use of advanced statuses and status pictures;

    • notifications (prints to you, etc.);
    • search and add contacts;
    • full and abbreviated view of the contact sheet;
    • emoticons.

    Today a new “skin” has already been developed for MDC, and very soon, we will be able to offer you a more interesting user interface design.
    If you want to offer more usable elements for the program, if you have a desire to make a skin for MDC, if you find an error, if you think that something is missing in the MDC or is implemented incorrectly, we will be grateful for your comments in the bugtracker ( .

    You can download the first public beta version of MDC on the program’s website . At the moment, downloading is possible only by invite (invite is a code or link that allows you to access the beta version of the program). Anyone who has already installed MDC on their computer can send invites directly from the program interface.

    Especially for Habr users, we created the page , where you can get an invite (link) to download (the number of invites is limited).

    We look forward to your feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism. Thanks!


    Assuming a large number of questions from Habralyude, we will try to answer the most pressing questions.
    1. And why is the version only for Windows?
      MDC is a portable program, after additional internal testing (after about 2-3 weeks) we will release a version for Linux & Mac OS X.
    2. This is not open-source! They will make it paid as soon as the user base is typed!
      Yes, today MDC is distributed only in compiled form (without source code). Perhaps we will open MDC in whole or in part in open-source. Well, certainly the program will never be paid.
    3. The central server collects user passwords!
      MDC really has a central server where user history, program settings, etc. are stored. It provides the ability to move the user between computers without losing information. However, the
      server does not receive passwords for your contacts, only a list of your accounts and their settings is saved there. In the next release, we will make it possible to protect additional information on the server with a password (today chatback is used for authorization).


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