Want to know the most expensive clicks in Runner?

    The most expensive words of the Runner:
    forex trading 654 p.
    Forex forecasts 651 r.
    Forex quotes 647 p.

    The most expensive topics:
    Forex 654 p.
    Real estate 509 p.
    Computers and hardware 495 r.
    Plastic windows 463 p.
    Furniture 430 p.

    All this can be easily and quickly obtained using the iBegun.ru service .

    It was originally made for the internal needs of our team, but then we decided to share the data with you.


    1) For those who already have a site : it
    helps to evaluate the possible profit from the site when setting the Begun affiliate program codes.

    2) For those who choose the theme for the site : it
    will help to find the topic and clarify the queries for which it is worth sharpening your future site.

    3) For the advertiser : it
    will help to clarify the requests that should be emphasized in the preparation of the advertising company.

    What is the highlight?

    Everyone understands that high bids alone do not guarantee high earnings. You must also take into account the presence of traffic in the subject. But just as much traffic with cheap bids is also not always the path to wealth.

    What was needed was an indicator that combined interest in the topic and cost-per-click.

    We derived this indicator and called it efficiency (coefficient of performance). Everything turned out to be banal simple: you take and multiply the runner’s bids by the number of hits on wordstat.yandex.ru. But since a very abstract number is obtained, it was decided to translate it into relative values ​​and name the efficiency.

    Now you can determine the most monetary topics in two clicks.

    Efficiency should be regarded as "a chance for a higher income from the Runner."


    Use the feedback .

    I can get this data myself!

    Yes, we don’t argue, you can do all this yourself:
    • determine the price of a click on the runner,
    • see the number of hits on wordstat.yandex.ru,
    • multiply
    • sort

    But why, when is the iBegun.ru service available?

    We have already done everything for you!

    The service will be constantly updated - new topics will be added, there will be statistics on changes in prices and requests, as well as much more.

    Use your health, make money with pleasure!

    Sincerely, iBegun.ru Team

    PS: we have no relation to the Begun company

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