Will domains in the SU zone be represented?

    The domains of the SU zone, which is already a non-existent country for a long time, were of absolutely no interest to cybersquatters, organizations and entrepreneurs, and in general it’s understandable why:
    • Unreasonably high price for the dead zone, because a year ago, domains in this zone cost almost 3,000 rubles a year
    • The popularity of the RU zone in the Russian Federation, because for many residents of our country, the Internet is the phrase "site dot ru"
    • Unpleasant associations in some phrases, take at least the English word pos

    The situation changed a little in December last year, when the price of SU fell to a minimum mark of 600 rubles (now even less if you take in bulk). The end of December 2007 saw a peak in registrations. However, he subsided, the number of registrations fell. Although the amount of registered domains is growing from month to month. I recommend that you read the statistics on stat.webnames.ru . Even today, in this zone, you can find premium domains, or three-letter multi-character domains.

    The number of registrations is growing, many companies are paying attention to this zone - it is easier to register a domain for 600 rubles in the SU zone than to buy an interesting, meaningful domain for a company for a lot of money in the RU zone.

    With all this grandeur, until recently there was a danger that ICANN would cancel the SU zone and all invested funds would be thrown to the wind - because this zone was not backed up by anything from the point of view of law. And now information has been received about the transfer of the zone to the "list of exclusively reserved".

    The information in the dominer community was perceived ambiguously: someone still insists that this is a futile zone and investing in this zone is unjustified. Someone says the opposite that it is worth disassembling the remaining 3-letter letters and premium fours.

    I am of the opinion that the zone is interesting and the “super-domains” in this zone in 3-4 years will be sold at the price of today's triples in the zone ru, which, as you already know, are (almost) gone. The Cyrillic RF , the creation of which was supported by the president himself, will not interfere with this .

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