2GB or 3GB?

Original author: Other World Computing
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Current MacBook Pro, iMac, and newer MacBooks allow you to install up to 3GB of RAM with 1GB and 2GB modules. However, as practice shows, such a configuration not only does not lead to an increase in the performance of the entire system, but even loses in the speed of configuration with 2GB of RAM when installing two paired 1GB modules.

This is also proved by tests conducted by Other World Computing, which compared the speed of the new MacBook Core 2 Duo in a configuration with 2GB and 3GB.

According to these data, investing an additional $ 400-500 in a 2-gigabyte bar does not lead to any kind of performance jump. Only in some tests, a system with 3GB of memory pulled ahead a few points, but most often it even lost in the speed of tasks. This applies to work in the Photoshop editor, and the game in Halo, and the general tests of Cinebench. (© deepapple.com)

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