Photo excursion on coworking "Start"

    The concept of coworking — places uniting people for communication and creative interaction — is gaining momentum and more and more of them are opening all over the world, including in Russia.

    Today I would like to tell you about coworking “Start” - a workspace in which residents can freely develop their business. The project itself has a wide network - open spaces are represented in such cities as Reutov, Krasnogorsk, Dubna, Dolgoprudny, Korolev, Odintsovo. The last in the list (but not the least) will be discussed. We will look at a few photos and take a look at what is the comfort of visitors.

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    coworking “Start” in Odintsovo is located on the second floor of the business center “Alliance” on Molodezhnaya Street. Everything is as it should be - security at the entrance, several retail outlets and elevators. Reaching the right place and opening the door with the inscription "Start", we get into the "workspace".

    Immediately at the entrance, we were met by a comfortable leather sofa, a large sign with a coworking logo on one of the walls and an administrative girl, who is usually located behind the counter in the corner.

    On the other wall of this small foyer there is a “tree-map” cut out of wood, on which are placed the logos of partner companies and co-working residents. As for its functionality, there are hangers in the lobby where you can leave outerwear.

    We go further and see that the whole space of the co-working is decorated very unusually - in a sporty style. For example, red linoleum is laid on the floor, on which tracks are streaked like in a stadium, and running athletes are painted on the walls. In general, the color scheme of co-working is very bright, so looking at it is difficult to stay out of tune.

    We pass further into the depth of the coworking and see a fork.

    If you go to the left, we get into the openspace zone. Here are the boxes in which you can leave your things in storage, as well as a multifunction device for copying and printing documents.

    Co-working space is quite spacious and is designed for about 30 people.

    Light penetrates through the long window that occupies the entire left side. Other walls cover or designer installations, or graffiti, encouraging to work.

    It also has a “bookshelf” with useful business literature. Some of these books were donated by guests and coworking speakers - the range is perhaps not the most comprehensive, but nonetheless useful.

    In addition to the general working space, in the coworking there are closed meeting rooms. They are located behind closed multi-colored doors that you could see at the entrance. Here, for example, a small but spacious “meeting room” for 6 people:

    But the premises for a few more employees:

    There is also a corner next to the openspace.

    Comfortable sofa and armchairs-pears are available for communication and exchange of experience.

    In the recreation area there is a mini-gymnasium for pull-ups and a wall bars. It costs a little away from the sofas so that you can warm up and not disturb anyone.

    In the business center itself, where “Start” is located, there are several cafes where you can enter at lunchtime and have a good meal (considering that the price tags are quite acceptable there), however, there is also a place in the co-working space where you can have a snack, make coffee or just warm up pastries and chat with colleagues. Refrigerator is also present.

    If we go back to the very first fork and go straight through the large glass doors, we will get into a spacious conference room.

    In a kind of mini-lecture halls, all decorated in the same sporty style, meetings and workshops, trainings and meetings with experts are held regularly. Interesting people and professionals from various fields are invited to have a pleasant conversation, exchange of experience and joint tea drinking. In addition, resident companies often use the conference room if they want to convey any new information to employees.

    On this, perhaps, everything. In conclusion, I would like to note that coworking makes a rather pleasant impression. If you already have a job, you still need to look at one of the seminars, and (why not?), Perhaps, spend a couple of your own (which we did this summer).

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