Competition from Opera Software at iCamp-2008

    Opera Software announces a contest, the results of which will be announced at iCamp on August 3rd!


    Opera Software holds a contest for the best web application that helps people communicate. It can be anything: from a new type of web-mail system to a social network, from instant messaging to electronic debates, from co-writing prose to multi-user virtual reality. We do not want to limit your imagination; the fancier the idea, the better. Remember that a car and a TV were once branded as useless eccentricities without commercial value and without a future.

    Winners will receive valuable prizes. Which - we will not say, but Opera works at all prizes.

    Opera Software believes in web standards and the future of the Internet, free of closed formats and accessible to everyone. Therefore, our requirement is to use only technologies described by current or future web standards. For example, SVG is allowed, but Adobe Flash is not. More precisely, you can use any current recommendations and working drafts of W3C, IETF and similar organizations, as well as the proposals for standardization (HTML, CSS, SVG, DOM, MathML for CSS, XML, ECMAScript / Javascript, SMTP, NNTP, IRC, etc. . P.). This includes the latest standardization suggestions: DOM File I / O and Widgets. In addition to the W3C sites and the IETF , we recommend articles on web standards and useful tips for developers at .

    Your development should work in at least one of the browsers ever published by Opera Software. This includes all sorts of alpha, preliminary, and experimental releases. We offer free download of the following browsers, depending on which is best suited to your idea:

    Opera 9.51 for Windows, UNIX and Mac
    Opera Mini 4.1
    Opera Mobile 9.5 beta www.

    However, especially for this contest, we made a special release of Opera for personal computers with experimental support for some of the latest web standards. This release is similar to Opera 9.51, but additionally supports the VIDEO element, three-dimensional canvas and DOM file I / O. You can download the release for Windows, UNIX, and Mac, as well as read the documentation and find examples here: . Remember that experimental releases do not guarantee the same level of stability as regular releases. Nevertheless, we will be glad to see interesting ideas implemented with their help!

    Remember that an original idea is more important than fullness or stability. Even sketches of a very interesting application can be more valuable than a carefully implemented ordinary project.

    You need to send your work, but it is allowed to use open source libraries. You are responsible for enforcing copyrights when using other people's works, such as program code or images.

    Everyone who arrives at iCamp 2008 can participate in the competition. Works can be submitted before midnight Moscow time from August 1 to 2. Entries are accepted only by email. Opera Software reserves the right to publish submitted works. Teams are allowed to participate, but the winning team receives only one prize. If the project requires web hosting, the participant is responsible for the performance of his hosting for the period iCamp 2008. You can use the hosting on and in appropriate cases.

    We will have ordinary computers (at least one running Linux and one Mac) and mobile phones with Opera Mini for viewing works, but you can use any equipment, including home-made equipment, if you bring it to iCamp 2008 to demonstrate the project.

    The address for sending works:

    Good luck!

    PS I’ll add from myself that, unfortunately, the organizers decided to consider only those who come to iCamp personally as participants in the competition. I did not participate in the preparation of the competition, so I could not influence the relevant amendments to the rules. But I can promise that I will try to convince the competition committee to consider as equal applicants for the victory those works whose authors, for various reasons, could not come to iCamp in person. In other words, if someone wants to compete for prizes (and, possibly, for an invitation to work in Opera Software) - send your works on a common basis, and I will apply certain “methods of influence” to the competition committee;)

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