OpenDNS earns $ 20K per day

    The free OpenDNS service specializes in filtering network traffic. It was launched in mid-2006 as a tool to protect users from phishing and other "bad" sites (gambling, pornography, etc., there are fifty categories from which you can choose). You write the IP address in the DNS settings and you can never again remember its existence. At the same time, all requests from now on will go through it. If you try to load one of the banned sites, then instead of it a page from OpenDNS with search results and contextual advertising will appear in the browser.

    In less than two years of its existence, OpenDNS has become an extremely popular service, especially among corporate clients and educational institutions. Every day, it processes about 7 billion DNS queries and shows 2 million search pages. Only registered accounts number 500 thousand, but thousands of real users can be hidden behind each account.

    It turns out that OpenDNS brings its creators good money: they get about $ 20,000 per day from contextual advertising, and Yahoo is the exclusive advertising provider. Not a single OpenDNS service is provided for money, everything is absolutely free. The replenishment and updating of the database of "malicious" sites is carried out with the help of users themselves through a Digg-like interface.

    via TechCrunch

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