Game & watch

    In general, the inevitable nostalgia brought me these results ...

    Probably everyone remembers the miracle "Electronics 2401" that appeared in the eighties in tsumah and children's toy stores. So ... I found out here that it was a Japanese Game & Watch development that was adapted for the Soviet consumer, the manufacturer is still the same sensational company Nintendo. One of the first games was “Wait a minute!”. Everyone probably remembers about this ... more about history is on Wikipedia .

    not only ... this miracle was successful in the world market, its designs are still interesting, albeit without great popularity. Here is their site: - there is a huge catalog of games with descriptions, and various modifications ...

    if the Soviet Union didn’t break up, then probably later models would have reached us at some other couple of years ... there are very interesting things, for example, a screen with 2 joysticks, and the like ... but as a result of the events of those years - we immediately got all sorts of dandies and gameboys :) by the

    way the most complete history of handheld gaming consoles that I came across is here .

    Also popular now: