Meyer leaves Yahoo !, the company changes its name to Altaba Inc. 

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Marisa Mayer, the last executive director of Yahoo!

After closing the merger between Verizon and Yahoo !, the companies will form a new holding called Altaba Inc. The relevant information is reflected in the materials of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Yahoo! will cease to exist as an independent company.

Marisa Mayer will leave the post of executive director of the company after closing the deal. Five more members of the board of directors of the company will leave with her, including the co-founder of Yahoo! David Filo.

At the same time, TechCrunch Edition (Belongs to Verizon approx.) Notes that Meier can be used as an “intermediate” transition manager while the merger is going to take place. Until the end, its role in the ongoing transaction and the future holding Altaba Inc. is unclear. Yahoo! Terms of Purchase imply compensation for Meier in the amount of $ 55 million in case she is fired from the company.

About the deal between Verizon and Yahoo! became knownin July 2016. The cost of one of the oldest Internet companies was $ 4.8 billion. At the final cost, Yahoo! could affect the fact of hacking the database of users of the company, which resulted in directly or indirectly affected from 500 million to 1 billion people. Earlier it was reported that Verizon could ask for a discount from Yahoo! after the publication of information about hacking, but the final cost is not disclosed except for the previously announced.

Almost all existing Yahoo! business lines are subject to sale, but the company has retained its Asian assets: a 15% stake in Alibaba is 35.5% in Yahoo! Japan.

The fate of the brand Yahoo! unknown. After the creation of the holding company will cease to exist independently, which is clearly reflected in the document of the US Securities Commission. It is also not known that further expects unprofitable service Tumblr, which Yahoo! bought in 2013 for $ 1.1 billion.

In 2000, the cost of Yahoo! estimated at $ 125 billion, but after the arrival of Google and Facebook on the market, as well as the change of the Internet paradigm and the vector of user interests, Yahoo! from the industry leader moved into the category of "catching up". The company had a chance to become part of Microsoft for $ 44 billion in 2007, one then executive director Jeffrey Young rejected this offer.

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