Alexander Bubnov raises money for a folk cartoon

    The author of the cartoon Clinic Alexander Bubnov collects money for the shooting of a national cartoon. Tired of waiting for help from producers and the state, he decided to take money from people, offering them to become "producers-sponsors-sponsors" of the second part of the funny film about Holmes and Watson. Now the author is waiting for at least 500 people to write to him who want to donate $ 100 for the project. Entering into the credits of the film, if desired.
    The idea is already PR lleo , thanks to him and found out about this idea. The main discussion of the whole process, as well as the beginning of the script, can be found on the live page of Alexander Bubnov, and the first part of the cartoon can be viewed on rutube

    You can help, like me, by promoting this project, tell your friends, post a link and so on.

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