LogMeIn Service Overview


    Having tried a large number of software to access my servers and computers, I settled on LogMeIn .
    The reasons?
    - Work with Mac
    - Security
    - Free (for home use)
    - The ability to remotely reboot
    - Fast file transfer
    - Access from any OS, including smartphones and PDAs. (upd via VPK )

    All you need is to install the client on a PC or Mac. Then, going to the logmein website, you will see a list of all your devices.
    No need to remember IP, ports, etc.

    I consider it the best among all services. There are enough analogs , but LogMeIn was recognized as the best option. With it, service providers and enterprises provide remote support to the end user, that is, organizing quick access and the ability to effectively manage computers, servers, and even smartphones that are connected to the Internet. Computers or servers can be easily accessed through the web interface. When you start working, you will immediately realize that the product’s functions are organized as securely, scalably as possible, easily for testing, purchasing and further use.

    Currently, the service uses more than 40 million devices running Mac OS and Windows .
    The standard package includes the ability to support PCs, smartphones and other user devices on demand. Also, the ability to manage remote access systems, file sharing, remote control, backup and virtual part of the network was not forgotten.

    What is in the composition?

    A few words about LogMeIn Free . I think this is the most interesting part for us.
    The program allows you to provide quick, easily customizable access to any computer. Works great with routers and firewalls, giving users the ability to easily and freely use their desktop or home PC from anywhere in our beloved planet. It should be noted multilevel protection, which is characterized by 128 and 256 bit encodings of passwords and data. The interface is incredibly convenient, and you can even use the program from a handheld computer. LogMeIn Free is available absolutely free.
    It makes no difference whether you use Mac or Windows - specially designed plugins for Safari, IE, FireFox, Opera , etc. will make work quick and convenient.

    LogMeIn IT Reach, which provides us with modern tools for remote access, management, support and reporting using a web-based interface for organizations of any size. This solution can be easily installed and deployed on several tens, hundreds, or even thousands of computers for many hours, with minimal interaction with the main, end user. Product integration is very easy, as all existing networks and infrastructures support it. No problems for other existing applications.

    LogMeIn Pro. This assembly contains the most powerful features of the entire project that a mobile professional may need. This service can use an SSL gateway, of course absolutely safe. It provides easy and quick access to configure any personal computer, and additional complex functions make it possible to maximize productivity. It assumes automatic work with routers and firewalls that give full access from anywhere in the world. One of the main advantages - finally, file transfer is implemented at a decent speed.

    RemotelyAnywhere . It has two options: Server Edition and Workstation Edition. The editing server allows you to get full access to your services for quick administration and analysis. The package includes all the tools that you will need to remotely administer Windows-based servers within a strict security system. Additional features include support for RSA SecurID (the most powerful security system), reboot manager, IP filtering and blocking, event and notification logging, ftp server, port forwarding and detailed performance monitoring.
    When working with Workstation EditionYou can pay attention to the system of creating the infrastructure of remote support, administration and secure access to resources. This solution is called the ideal tool to support workstations that are located on or outside your network.

    Remotely Anywhere Network Console . This program will be quite interesting for most serious PC and Internet users.
    Here you get centralized management using the Network Console. You can safely call monitoring host computers one of the best of the existing ones. Among other advantages, high-quality remote control, standardization of configurations and deployment of the program on the network will stand out. The primary bias is ultrafast remote control.
    How about optimizing your work with remote access? LogMeIn Ignition is what you need. The program is specially designed for one-click access to multiple computers from anywhere in the world. Ignition is absolutely portable, plus it can be launched from any USB device or installed on a local computer for faster access to all computers.

    If you have problems with the organization of work with VPN, then LogMeIn Hamach will help you . The service is a VPN service that is easily configured in ten minutes and provides secure remote access to the network of any enterprise from anywhere where you can connect to the global network. The service bypasses NAT devices and firewalls. Configuring client settings is not required.

    Summing up, we can say with confidence that even a free option is leading the market for this type of service.

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