Opera browser is even safer

    Today's Opera Software Press Release Announcesabout a new collaboration that will help increase the security of users on the Internet. This time, a partnership agreement was concluded with the American company Haute Secure, which is one of the leading developers of systems for protecting against network disasters. Cooperation with Opera Software implies the inclusion in the future version of Opera-9.5 in addition to protecting against false sites the mechanism for detecting and eliminating so-called malware - this common name usually means all types of malware, from viruses to trojans and rootkits. In simple terms, starting with Opera-9.5, a built-in broad-profile antivirus will appear in this browser. However, you should not think that the size of Opera will increase significantly because of this: a feature of the technology, developed by Haute Secure, is that only the detection and identification tools are added to the browser, and the entire main malware database is online and constantly updated with fresh records from millions of users and antivirus software companies around the world. Currently, the Haute Secure client base is about 20 million users, and starting with Opera-9.5, all owners of the new browser version will be added to them.

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