Freedom to rent

    Increasingly, I am convinced that what most people consider interesting in coworking is weakly correlated with its real advantages. “Renting a place for a chipper”, “a communal office” is just the outside, and coworking here really does not differ much from, say, small business centers that rent small rooms for 2-3 people.

    Let me summarize the real advantages. And you agree or not with such an interpretation of the idea.

    The main advantages for coworkers:
    - a synergistic environment and a peculiar subculture
    - the ability to quickly select a team for the task
    - a comfortable atmosphere
    - a collective experience, communications and portfolio
    - public services such as using equipment, accounting, the Internet and other

    main advantages for businessmen:
    the presence of a self-organized structure of professional freelancers, which:
    - is able to outsource almost any projects at prices 2-3 times lower than the average market
    - does not require funds to provide a job and control the progress of work
    - does not require (in the general case) a full legal and bookkeeping of the order

    The basic principles of the movement:
    - cooperation
    - openness
    - sociality
    - sustainability
    - accessibility

    The most important points that need to be emphasized:
    - outsourcing for business
    - cooperation in free professionals
    - common resources and the possibility of a "quick start" for beginners
    - practical training in teamwork skills, working out of a personal portfolio
    - comfortable and creative atmosphere.

    The most common wrong moments that are considered crucial:
    - renting a workplace at an affordable price
    - the ability to use special resources (meeting room, safes, kitchen, etc.)
    - a beautiful office , convenient location

    Improper business model:
    The main source of income is rental fees and services. The organizer himself determines the cost of renting places and using services, including the cost of his work and the need to pay back investments. Coworkers are generally not related. Cash flows are opaque.
    The slogan: “pay for the rent and solve your problems yourself” The

    correct business model:
    The main source of income is community orders. The cost of renting places depends only on the cost of renting the premises and rent, no extra charges are made. The negotiated percentage is taken from the attracted orders for the development of the office and payment for the organizer. Coworkers are interested in making relationships and working together on orders. Cash flows are transparent.
    Slogan: “a buffer between the co-worker, customer and problems”

    The most attractive moment:
    The absence of strict rules, external restrictions and annoying factors, while expanding the range of opportunities. The ability to maintain independence in matters of their professional activities and outsource the associated problems.
    Conditional brief description: “Freedom to rent”.

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