IMU 2008. Unofficial results: photos, videos, etc.

    On May 21 and 22, the 4th international conference “Internet Marketing in Ukraine” was held in Kiev. A week has passed, and I think it's time to somehow summarize. For those who were there (400 people), and for those who were unlucky who were not there, I made the following selection:


    - Conference program (so far without presentations)
    - Post-release of the conference (figures, facts, sponsors)

    Photo reports:

    - Photos of Gray ( Gray Gray)
    - More photos (Gurina)
    - And more photos (pashen)

    Video reports and round tables:

    - Dmitry Lysyuk (Gemius) and a round table on the Ukrainian Internet audience (besides him there: Andrey Zablotsky (UAIR), Marina Solovyeva (Gemius), Julia Masienko (InMind), Alexandra Telyatnikova (Meta), Dmitry Sholomko (Google), Alexander Tismenetsky (BigMir), Sergey Petrenko (Yandex), Dmitry Kolesov (TNS), Alexey Bakun (PGU)
    - Alexandra Telyatnikova (Meta) and Sergey Petrenko (Yandex) on the online advertising market in Ukraine
    - Kirill Gotovtsev (Manyako) on the approach to creative
    - Fedor Virin ( about social networks
    - Evgeny Lomize (Yandex), Dmitry Sholomko (Google), Alexander Derkach (B a runner) with reports, and a round table on contextual advertising ( I’m also refuzZer, AdLabs-Ukraine)
    - Alexey Basov (FINAM), about the evaluation of the cost of Internet projects
    - Alexey Mas (UBS) about viral advertising, and the final round table: besides him, Pavel Korol (TMGU), Alexandra Telyatnikova (Meta), Sergey Petrenko (Yandex), Eugene Lomize (Yandex)


    - " The market of online advertising in Ukraine ", Alexandra Telyatnikova (Meta)
    - " Social and demographic parameters of the Ukrainian Internet ", Dmitry Lysyuk (Gemius)
    - " Strategies for promoting an online store ", Dmitry Yaresko (AdLabs-Ukraine)

    More photos, videos and no reports have yet been found, although a dozen or two people were too lazy to click something on the camera. I will replenish links as they appear.

    Organizers - UaMaster .

    UPD: June 13 added two more links to the video.

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