Where so many in people - 2

    Continuing the theme of the note, “ Why is so much evil in people? ", I wanted to pay attention to the note" The wonderful features of GMail .

    So, the note says that on GMail you can (and, judging by the comments, quite a while ago) select letters in the “from and to” range using the Shift button. And now, in fact, my thoughts about what he saw in the comments.

    People commenting on the article were divided into several categories:
    1. Those who use GMail were happy to learn such a nice feature.
    2. Those who use GMail, but have already heard about such an opportunity (it doesn’t matter whether they use it or not).
    3. Those who said: "Bullshit is your Google, Yandex can do this for a long time."
    4. Those who said: "Bullshit is your Google, because you can’t do anything else_ there."
    5. Well, of course, those who just passed by.

    And now let's think together, is it so important that Yandex (Yahoo, etc) has long had such an opportunity? Who cares? It becomes clear that these people use Yandex.Mail, and are extremely happy about it, while at the first opportunity they try to prove their “uniqueness” to users of other services.
    I have nothing against Yandex, and Yandex.Photo has been using it for quite some time, because it seemed to me much better (faster, “easier”) than Google’s Picasso, but I prefer to use GMail as a mail service.

    But is it, in fact, important, what services, and from which manufacturers do we use? I can receive letters just like Yandex.Mail users, and just like they can reply to these letters. Why would someone constantly prove (or try to prove) that one is better than the other? Why are these constant friction a la “Yandex is better than Google”, etc? I posted a note for GMail users who (fact) were pleasantly surprised at such an opportunity. Why bother answering (I'm not talking about pluses / minuses) to notes (news, articles) that you personally are useless?

    In general, it is not clear =)

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