Solarial: airship electricity delivery

    An interesting and potentially useful concept that can to some extent solve the problem of lack of electricity in areas affected by natural disasters, engineer Andrew Leynonen described in his dissertation. His idea is to use unmanned airships (which he called Solarial) with highly efficient solar panels located on their casing and to deliver electricity to the ground to ground power plants connected to the airship with a cable-cable.

    According to the engineer, this “concept” has several significant advantages. Firstly, this is the method of electricity delivery itself, which does not require land communications, as well as the possibility of producing (under favorable weather conditions) about 125 kW / h of electricity per day. Secondly, Solarial itself, which does not require energy (it also "works in the sun"). In addition, the airship is also unmanned. Therefore, it can be pumped not with helium, but with much more affordable hydrogen. And finally, efficiency. Such a flying solar battery is able to reach the desired point in a maximum of a couple of days (though, provided that it is deployed at US military bases around the world).

    via Engadget

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