Rating War

    One of the most popular Ukrainian online media, Ukrainska Pravda , left the bigmir) net rating . In an interview with proIT, Aleksandr Pritula , editor-in-chief of Ukrainian Truth, called this a step of despair.
    After numerous, or rather, repeated negotiations with the technical services of Bigmere. We tried to draw their attention to the fact that most sites from the first "twenty-five" receive the bulk of traffic due to news a la "25 poses of sex in the forest," or "Best cowards for this year."

    This is not the first time that Ukrainian online media enter into a public skirmish with the largest Ukrainian rating. In August, the Obkom publication published a series of articles exposing bigmir) net in promoting cheating and unfair competition.

    It is important to note that in the section " News and Politics " there is a site " TabloID " - the "yellow" edition of the editors of "Ukrainian Truth". And he did not leave the rating.

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