Reply to a message on Odnoklassniki.

    Mini post caused by huge anger towards the designers of the above site.
    And so a letter came to me today. something like this: and how surprised I was that there wasn’t a single way of responding to a message that was familiar to me. I thought for almost a minute, clicked everywhere - no way. It turned out that it was necessary to select the checkbox, next to the message and click on the answer button from above. In my opinion this is a classic example of how not to do it. But this site teaches many people to the Internet. That person will get to your cool site and will look for a checkbox and a button. UPD a strange manner on a habr Put pros and cons to the author. Or most likely, the one who puts the plus topic does nothing with the author’s karma, and the one who puts the minus topic, at the same time puts the minus in the karma. Not fair somehow


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